Clinical Trials Program

Andrews & Patel Start Clinical Trials Program

What are clinical trials?
Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy or treatment is safe and effective.

At AndrewsPatel Hematology Oncology, we will be involved with new cancer therapy that has potential benefit for a person’s specific type of cancer. The availability of investigational drugs will offer our patients new and potentially improved therapy in the community outpatient setting that otherwise might only be available at large cancer centers requiring significant travel time and inconvenience.

The newer therapies for cancer are rapidly expanding and there are hundreds of new drugs that need to be evaluated. Over the last two decades, cancer researchers have begun to unravel cancer’s immense complexity, drilling down to the molecular level to better understand the genetic and biological changes that drive how cancers develop, grow, and spread. With this knowledge, has come the development of newer, less toxic and more effective treatments. It is through clinical trials that major advances in cancer therapy have occurred.

Clinical trials are essential for moving new methods of preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer from the laboratory to physicians' offices.

Our oncologists will help determine the availability and need for a clinical trial to best meet your care. AndrewsPatel Hematology Oncology is pleased to make this service available to our patients.

Robert A. Gordon, MD
Principle Investigator
Clinical Trials Program

For more information, contact: Renée Kessler, RN, Clinical Trials Coordinator, at 717-761-8740 x9338