Neulasta® On-Body Injector

~ Dr. Jihua Cheng

Pegfilgrastim is used to stimulate the growth of "healthy" white blood cells in the bone marrow, once chemotherapy is given. White blood cells help the body to fight infection. This is not a chemotherapy drug. This medication is usually given at least 24 hours after chemotherapy to stimulate the growth of new, healthy, white blood cells (WBC).

Pegfilgrastim is a longer acting form of filgrastim and the manufacturer recommends that it should not be given within 14 days prior to chemotherapy.

The Neulasta® Onpro™ kit includes a single dose of Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) and a single-use On-body Injector. 1. Applied the same day as chemotherapy.
2. Designed to deliver Neulasta on the NEXT day (approximately 27 hours later), at home or other appropriate setting.
3. Provides another option for weekend and holiday delivery. It can save the patient a visit to the doctor’s office.
4. Available at no extra cost.

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