Patriot the Service Dog

~ Susquehanna Service Dog Program

Meet Patriot, a serice dog in training, who has been visiting Andrews & Patel Associates since March 2015. As part of the training process, service dogs must be exposed to situations they may encounter after graduation. Patriot makes his way around the office greeting patients, while learning to keep his focus and follow the commands of his trainer.

When a service dog is placed, it is the dog's choice. The dogs are brought into a room full of people who are in need of a service dog. In the words of Patriot's trainer, who has viewed this process several times, "Something magical happens" and the dog is drawn to the person that they choose. An immediate bond is formed. Some tasks that the dog may be required to complete after placement include:

-Basic obedience
-Retreiving objects
-Opening and closing doors
-Pulling a wheelchair
-Purchasing items in stores
-Alerting for help
-Responding to seizures
-Balance assistance

The photos on the left were taken in May 2015, when Patriot visited a Veteran's event at the State Capitol.

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