Oncology Medical Home

As part of our continued efforts to enhance patient care, we are participating in an Oncology Medical Home pilot administered by Capital Blue Cross. We believe the enhancements to delivery of care associated with this pilot will benefit all of our patients.

Current and upcoming enhancements specific to the pilot:

  • Patient self-assessment questionnaire that can be completed in the waiting room to assure the primary concerns for the day are addressed during the visit. The form, which focuses on symptoms or concerns that have occurred since the last visit, will be reviewed and entered into the medical record by the medical assistant during the rooming process. The physician will have an opportunity to view this documentation prior to joining the patient in the exam room.
  • Care Coordinators will continue to offer support regarding insurance benefits and assist with completing any paperwork needed to obtain medications. While available here at A&P for quite some time, this service is also a component of the pilot.
  • Standardized telephone triage to better manage symptoms from home. We encourage patients to call us early and call us often.
  • Tracking of test results through the electronic medical record.
  • Patient education tools within the medical record that can be printed and given to patients in the office and available in the patient portal for retrieval at a later time as needed.

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