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Cancer Treatment Our thirteen experienced RN’s are either Oncology Certified (OCN) or working toward certification. The nurses are here to educate you about your treatment and administer the prescribed treatment. They will support you throughout your treatment whether in the office or by phone from the comfort of your home. Patients and families should feel free to call their nurse with any questions or concerns throughout their treatment experience.

There are 24 plush recliners in each office with room for a family member or friend to accompany you through treatment.

Infusion services When your family physician or specialist prescribes IV therapy, but lacks the facilities or staff for its administration, we can typically provide you with that service in our comfortable infusion suites available at both our offices. In these situations, you will meet with an Andrews & Patel Associates physician or physician extender to review your medical history and prescribed therapy. Following that appointment, you will meet with a nurse who will educate you on the prescribed treatment prior to administering it. Some of these treatments we administer are:

  • Tysabri for Multiple Sclerosis and Chron's disease
  • Iron for anemia related to gastric bypass and various medical conditions
  • Prolia and Reclast for the treatment of osteoporosis or osteopenia
  • Rituxan for glomerular nephritis or kidney transplant
  • Benlysta for Lupus
  • VPRIV for Gaucher's disease

Even if your physician prescribes a treatment other than those listed, it is likely we can provide the service.

Laboratory Services Our laboratories are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and state certified, and also participate in the Quality Control Program of the American Proficiency Institute.  Our lab technicians are certified through the American Board of Clinical Pathology, and our experienced phlebotomists are skilled in obtaining patient samples.

Most lab tests are run in-house so that the results are available within minutes and can be discussed during your physician visit. This eliminates an additional trip to our office prior to your physician appointment. Specialized blood tests that cannot be processed in house, can be drawn at the office and sent to outside labs. In these instances, the patient’s insurance is billed directly from the outside lab.

Pharmacy Services Our in-house pharmacy services often eliminate the need to use mail-order pharmacies or make an extra stop at a local pharmacy. An adequate supply of supportive medications for those receiving chemotherapy, in addition to specialty oral medications used for the treatment of cancer and blood disorders, is maintained in each pharmacy for your convenience. When a mail-order pharmacy service must be used, per insurance guidelines, our pharmacy secretaries and care coordinators can assist you in obtaining the medication when needed.